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These are links to my favorite articles on the web. They cover a wide range of issues. Take your pick..!
Madhu Jain on changing Indian values
Shobha De on influence of popular entertainment in our lives
Sagarika Ghose on Hinglish
Gautam Bhatia on archetectural mess in our cities
Shubha Mudgal on changing face of Indian music
Aman Nath on Indian toursim 
Renuka Narayanan on paradoxes of Indian society
Ratna Kapoor on sexual harrasment and the law
Bhikhu Parekh on Gujarat riots
Onkar Goswami on corruption in India
Harish Bijoor on the new wave economics
TN Ninan on India's role in this century
Gurcharan Das on liberalisation in independent India
Jaswant Singh on growing of Indian nationhood
P Sainath on changing morals of Indian newspaper & media industry
Ved Marwah on challenge of reforming Indian police
G Parthasarthy on the battle for oil in Cental and South Asia
Majid Hussain on Dr. Kalam's candidarture for the post of President
Dr. S Kalyanaraman on Saraswati river
Essays on 1962 humiliation
Hard facts about Kashmir
Vijay Tendulkar on Muslim prejudice on Hindu psyche
Francois Gautier on conversion
PR Ram on bogey about conversions
Facts about two nations who got freedom the same night
TVR Shenoy on the next big exodous from India
Siddharth Vardarajan's take on the Indian media
A former terrorist on Kashmir
Brahama Chellaney on the Chinese threat
Mitali Saran on call of Kumaon Hills
Denis Forman on changing facade of Goa
Suhel Seth's take on Bombay.. oh.. Mumbai
Valmik Thapar takes us deep into Kaziranga National Park
Rukmini Banerji on child education
Rashmi Sharma on functioning of state institutions for education in India
Guilherme Vaz on benefits of technology in education
Interesting facts about advent of Apple in Himachal Pradesh
Roopa Gulati on Indian cuisine wowing the gora land
Krishnendu Roy on Indian cuisine coming of age and being accepted worldwide
Ashok Malik on culinery preferences of Indian middle class
Sourish Bhattacharyya on the invention of Chinese cuisine in India
Marut Sikka on Indian cuisine aging down the centuries
Nilanjana Roy on being a non vegetarian
TN Ninan take on Indian media
Karan Thapar on explosion of news televison in India
Vasudha Dhagamwar on SEZ controversy
This case-study illustrates, when the legislature, the bureaucracy and the judiciary serve business interests, there is little scope for democracy to survive.
Seminarist on the elite real estate products getting preference over basic amenities in our cities