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1985 - 1992

I did my schooling from DAV Shimla. This was the time when only thing I did was play and more play. I was crazy about cricket, tennis and ya cycling! Was such a sports buff that I remember watching 1984 Los Angelos Olympics game on TV for long hours, and looking back now I can figure out that I was really young to understand things at that time. Does it sound like blowing my own trumpet!! well then may be you are right. After all its my own page, and if I can't blow my own trumpet here, where the hell would I? In any case, you are always encouraged to mail me with your feedback. Moving on.............
I was also a good stastician, always had a lots of database on the cricketers' life history and stuff. Those were not the days of online information, and so gathering and maintaining this data and later reading it gave me a good high, but when the Internet and technology killed it with info all over, I felt a little cheated :) But then slowly, interests began to change from only sports to other better things in life........and I'm not smiling. Had a really nice careless time till I completed my Xth in 1989, and went to Sanjouli College in the fall of 1989. Life was not going to be that simple in the next five years..!!